Of the challenges that the 21st century has brought us, there is one whose epicenter is in Brazil: the Amazon issue. From a cosmopolitan point of view, this is a global problem; after all, the climate crisis has global scales and is intrinsically linked to the forest. But tackling the problem requires much more than collective effort or political will. It is necessary, more than ever, to understand what the Amazon is in its immensity and pluralities, so that we can begin to gather answers about its future and, therefore, the horizon of the entire planet.

The multidisciplinary program Amazônia, Agora is an invitation to get closer to views that come from the forest and its multiple agents to realize that even the most urgent issues need a minimum of contemplation. There is no longer just a look from the world to the Amazon, but from the Amazon to the world.

Through the union of productions, views and research by artists and agents active in the Amazon complex, the new permanent program of the Instituto Inclusartiz will be divided into three axes, namely, Exhibition, Experimental – a program of debates, workshops and video exhibition and films titled Amazonian Laboratory – ; in addition to the Research axis – activation of partnerships with organizations, institutions and other artistic projects that establish exchanges between voices and actors from different regions of the country.

Placing us both as foreigners in this land and allowing us to see it more closely, extending the reach of the Amazonian green immensity to regions that, before, distant, now become, within the multiple tentacles of the Amazônia Agora project, more close to those who are engaged on the different fronts of a project whose research has been carried out over the last two years by the curatorial team of Instituto Inclusartiz and its institutional partners.