As part of initiatives to promote cultural projects promoted by the Instituto Inclusartiz, we created the Support a Resident network, aimed at supporting participants in our Artistic Residency and Research Program.


As part of the initiatives to promote culture projects promoted by the Inclusartiz Institute, we created the Apoie um Residente network, aimed at subsidizing participants in our Artistic Residency and Research Program, which annually invites - through public notice or personal invitations - dozens of Brazilian and international artists, curators and researchers to integrate the project at our headquarters in Rio de Janeiro, or at partner institutions around the world.

This network aims to encourage the development of prominent names that will benefit from the cultural exchange promoted by the program. Through a monthly contribution, an external collaborator can finance the period of research and production of a young artist, curator or researcher.

Throughout the support period, the supporter will have the opportunity to closely monitor the beneficiary's residence. Through visits to the studio, private research presentations and sharing conversations with the institute's associated curators, the program provides an immersion in the day-to-day research and artistic process of our residents.


Brazil Foundation

The Inclusartiz – Brazilian Culture and Diversity Fund, from BrazilFoundation, aims to promote and expand the activities of the Inclusartiz Institute in Brazil. The institute will allocate the funds collected for the execution of projects in the cultural area, with a focus on the development of new Brazilian artists, curators and researchers.

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Tax benefits

Brazil: BrazilFoundation is a non-profit association, qualified as OSCIP – Civil Society Organization of Public Interest, pursuant to Law nº 9.790/99, MJ process nº 08071.000389/2004/01, CNPJ 04.839.572/0001-10. For donations in Real, a donation receipt can be issued, which must be requested directly by the donor from BrazilFoundation. As an OSCIP, the benefit can only be used by companies taxed by actual profit, which can deduct the amounts donated as expenses up to 2% of their operating profit. As an individual, the donor will be able to declare the amount donated to the IR but will not have the tax benefit.

USA: Contributions to BrazilFoundation, registered under EIN 13 4131482 and having not-for-profit status as established by Section 501(c)(3) of the United States Tax Code, are tax-deductible to the fullest extent permitted by US law. Individuals can deduct up to 50% of their adjusted gross income. Legal entities can deduct up to 10% of taxable income, before deducting investment for philanthropic purposes. BrazilFoundation provides a receipt that you can submit with your US tax return.