Jun 24 / Sep 17 of 2023

Being exhibited for the first time in Rio de Janeiro, the large-scale installation No ar (2017), by São Paulo artist Laura Vinci, as the first activity of the Amazonian Laboratory, coordinated by the chief curator of the Instituto Inclusartiz, Victor Gorgulho.

The work, which will occupy the gardens of the Centro Cultural Inclusartiz, consists of an ingenious cold vaporization system that is quickly capable of forming large cloud-like air masses, curiously hanging both towards the floor of space and slowly rising and dissipating up in the air. This result is possible due to the mechanical structure of the work, formed by small sprinkler nozzles that, operating at high pressure, are driven by a pump capable of releasing water with such force that its drops gain an unusual characteristic, staying between the gaseous and liquid state.

“It is this pendular movement that reminds us of the flying rivers that are formed as immense volumes of water vapor that come from the Atlantic Ocean, precipitate in the form of rain in the Amazonian immensity, and continue to the Andes, encountering the rocky wall present in this region, making them deviate and float over Bolivia, Paraguay and over Brazilian states such as Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, Minas Gerais and São Paulo; sometimes, these air masses even reach Paraná, Santa Catarina and even Rio Grande do Sul, demonstrating the true “pulmonary” vocation played by the Amazon Forest over all of Brazil – and beyond”, explains Gorgulho.

The activation of the work takes place from Tuesday to Sunday always at 5 pm.