6 de July de 2023

Instituto Inclusartiz opens selection process for a vacancy in the course “Subjective Tectonics: Cobogó”, by The Architectural Association

Specialization aimed at students or young professionals in the field of Architecture will be held at the Inclusartiz Cultural Center between July 20th and 29th

This year, Instituto Inclusartiz entered into a partnership with The Architectural Association — Visiting School program (AAVS) —, the oldest independent architecture school in the United Kingdom, to promote the course Subjective Tectonics: Cobogó. Aimed at students and young professionals in the field of architecture or related areas, the specialization questions tectonics in the post-colonial tropical urban context of Rio de Janeiro and proposes, in this edition, to rethink cobogó as a constructive element in the domestic sphere.

The training will be held at the Inclusartiz Cultural Center between the 20th and 29th of July and will include lectures, guided tours around the city, presentations and plaster molding workshops. Students will work in small groups supported by individual tutors, which will culminate in the design, manufacture and assembly of authorial pieces of cobogós in scale 1:1. This production will be exposed to the public at the cultural center shortly after the conclusion of the course.

One of the training places is intended for a student or young professional in the field of Architecture or related areas (Urbanism, Civil Engineering, Interior Design, Urbanism and Planning, Landscaping, Conservation and Restoration and Visual Arts), residing in Brazil, who will be defined by the institute through a selection process that will prioritize quotaholders from public universities or scholarship holders at private universities. This measure aims to democratize the participation of people in social vulnerability in specialization courses in the field of architecture.

Subjective Tectonics: Cobogó will be taught by professors Olivia Marra and Roberto Boettger, responsible for AAVS Rio de Janeiro, and by the curator of the Residency and Research Program at Inclusartiz Institute, Lucas Albuquerque.

Check the full announcement here.


7/5 – 7/14: Application deadline

07/15: Reading and selection of applications

07/16: Announcement of the result

07/20 – 07/29: Course completion date

07/30 – 08/12: Exhibition of exercises resulting from the course

More information at https://www.aaschool.ac.uk/academicprogrammes/visitingschool/rio-de-janeiro