24 de July de 2023

Inclusartiz Cultural Center offers guided tours for various groups

Educational journey is intended for students, teachers, directors, and other interested parties

In July, the Inclusartiz Cultural Center began offering guided tours to the public through the premises of its building, located in the Port Zone of Rio de Janeiro. Conducted by the institute’s team of educators, these journeys, part of the educational program “Paths to Gamboa,” always take place in dialogue with the themes, disciplines, knowledge, and perspectives present in the ongoing exhibitions and other projects carried out by the institution. They introduce the space and bring visibility to the historical and cultural importance of the Gamboa neighborhood and its intersections and urban changes.

The free visits are intended for groups of a minimum of five and a maximum of 15 people of all ages, including students from public and private schools, university students, teachers, directors, families, and other interested parties. They are conducted by prior appointment.

Schedule your visit now by emailing agendamento@inclusartiz.org.

About the “Paths to Gamboa” Program

This initiative consists of free and ongoing training on art, education, culture, and the history of Rio de Janeiro, with a focus on priority audiences such as residents of the port region, students from public schools, educators, artists, and cultural professionals. The program develops education as a practice of experimentation and the creation of methodologies that promote various ways of generating and sharing knowledge, supporting technologies for the territory, and ethnic-racial relations. Thus, we aim to engage diverse audiences through activities that aim to disseminate traditional, local, and academic knowledge, encourage collective learning, create opportunities for discovery and empowerment, inclusion, and the meeting of different ages, realities, and forms of communication.