26 de April de 2023

Tadáskía begins artistic residency at Inclusartiz Cultural Center

After a three-month stay at the Salzburger Kunstverein, in Austria, the artist continues her research in the collective studio of the institution in Rio de Janeiro

At the end of April, visual artist Tadáskía started a two-month artistic residency at Inclusartiz Cultural Center. Back in Rio de Janeiro after a three-month stay in Austria, where she took part in a residency at the prestigious Salzburger Kunstverein – provided in partnership with Instituto Inclusartiz –, the artist continues her research involving drawing, appearance, photography, installation and textile.

Through her practice, which mobilizes imaginary and mystical landscapes, Tadáskía also seeks to elaborate the imaginative experiences of the black diaspora around family and foreign encounters. Recently, she created a bilingual loose pages publication called “Ave Preta Mística / Mystical Black Bird.” In this story, she tells about the transformation of a bird into many things, including inciting the emancipation of the black population, in a free interpretation of Sankofa. And it is from the production of books of drawings and poetic texts that she continues the studies started in Salzburg.

Tadáskía begins artistic residency at Inclusartiz Cultural Center / Photo: Lydia Metral

“When I arrived at the Salzburger, I already knew that the scope of the residency was very free regarding the production and delivery of works. Anyway, when the plane was landing, for the first time in my life I saw a huge number of rabbits jumping in the dark of the woods. It was a scene that left me extremely moved. Based on it, I think of making another story, mixing love and magic, emerging from some darkness to brightness,” says the artist.

During her residency at Inclusartiz Cultural Center, Tadáskía has the personal assistance from the program’s curator, Lucas Albuquerque, and occupies one of the spaces in the open studio located on the second floor of the institution. During this period, visitors can closely follow the production of her work and the evolution of research.


Tadáskía has a degree in Visual Arts from UERJ, a master’s degree in Education from UFRJ and has participated in several group exhibitions in Brazil and abroad. In 2022, she held her first solo show, “Tadáskía: noite dia”, at the headquarters of Sé Galeria, in São Paulo. She has works in the collections of Museu de Arte do Rio (MAR), Inhotim, MAM-SP, Institute for Studies on Latin American Art, Instituto Cultural Çarê and in important private collections.