14 de October de 2022

Instituto Inclusartiz and Collegium launch new artistic residency project in Spain

Brazilian Ayla Tavares is the first artist to to join the program “Entre Tiempos”, held at the European institution’s headquarters, in the city of Arévalo

Instituto Inclusartiz and Collegium, a center for education, research and experimentation in contemporary art based in the historic town of Arévalo, north of Madrid, closed an unprecedented partnership that culminated in a new artistic residency program starting in September 2022.

The initiative, developed by the curator and researcher Aldones Nino, a collaborator of the two institutions, aims to promote the circulation of artists in the small Spanish municipality and its surroundings, a historic area of ​​artisanal production. Entitled “Entre Tiempos” (Between Eras), the project includes in its first edition the brazilian artist Ayla Tavares, who will spend a three-month season in Spain, between September and November 2022.

Ayla Tavares will spend three months in Spain, between September and November 2022 / Photo: Vicente de Mello

Born in Rio de Janeiro in 1990, Ayla Tavares holds a Master’s degree in Visual Arts from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) with a specialization in ceramic production and archeology. In her works, she investigates archaeological and sacred artifacts, architecture and everyday objects, establishing relationships with different time layers to think about everyday life, memory, and life in community. Understanding materiality with all its complexities, Tavares creates constellations of objects under other orders, generating from these new bodies relationships of estrangement, speculation, and narrative.

Em seus trabalhos, a artista investiga artefatos arqueológicos e sagrados, arquitetura e objetos do cotidiano / Foto: Vicente de Mello
In her works, the artist investigates archaeological and sacred artifacts, architecture and everyday objects / Foto: Vicente de Mello

“From the town of Arévalo, I am investigating micro-narratives that dialogue with its landscape and geographical condition between rivers, using clay that is converted into ceramic processes as a material of fable, proposing different relationships with the surroundings”, says Ayla.

The artist visited the warehouse of the Provincial Museum of Ávila as part of her investigation into the history, culture and traditions of the region / Photo: disclosure

“Entre Tiempos” program proposes an artistic investigation into issues related to the history, culture and traditions of the region, as well as contributing to social cohesion by generating spaces of knowledge and trust in the local context, strengthening the feeling of bond and belonging to the territory. In a format similar to the program carried out by Instituto Inclusartiz in Rio de Janeiro, artists will be assisted with personalized cultural support, accommodation, a workshop and connections with other cultural agents over a period of eight weeks.

Ayla Tavares has already started to prepare her first works in the Collegium studio / Photo: disclosure

The residencies will end with a public presentation of the work developed and a short film that will show the research and creation process of each artist in its context. The member of the next edition of the program, which will be held from January to March 2023, will be the mixed-race artist Xadalu Tupã Jekupé, from Porto Alegre (RS).

About Collegium

Collegium is a center for the exhibition, education, research and experimentation of modern and contemporary art. Located in the town of Arévalo, in the community of Castilla y León, the institution develops an educational program of exhibitions and activities, while preparing its physical building in the old Jesuit College. The Collegium project aims to contribute to the recovery and enhancement of the rich cultural, historical and architectural heritage of Arévalo and its surroundings, revitalizing the local context and placing the city on the map of national and international contemporary art.