13 de January de 2023

Inclusartiz Cultural Center promotes a series of activities with artists Vivian Caccuri and Gustavo Von Ha on January 17

The program will be held in conjunction with the exhibition “Behind the Retina,” and it includes a workshop, film screening and conversation with the duo

On Tuesday, January 17, Inclusartiz Cultural Center will promote a series of activities related to the exhibition “Behind the Retina” with artists Vivian Caccuri and Gustavo Von Ha. The program begins at 4 pm with a chroma-key video workshop aimed at children and teenagers, which will be taught by Von Ha. At 7 pm, there will be a screening of the work “Vivian & Gustavo” (2020), a set of four videos jointly created by the duo. The exhibition will be followed by a conversation with the artists about their production which will be mediated by Victor Gorgulho, curator of the exhibition.

The webseries “Vivian & Gustavo” is one of the works that make up “Behind the Retina,” a collective show presenting works by contemporary Brazilian artists who investigate, in different ways and through various supports, the relationships between physical space and virtuality, while seeking to establish new territories that go beyond the conventional capacity of human vision. The exhibition is on display in the space until January 29, with free admission.

Web series “Vivian & Gustavo” (2020) will have a special screening at the Inclusartiz Cultural Center on January 17

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Vivian Caccuri uses sound as a vehicle to mix experiments of perception about issues related to historical and social conditioning. Through objects, installations and performances, her works create situations that disorient the daily experience and, consequently, interrupt meanings and narratives apparently as entrenched as the cognitive structure itself. Vivian has developed projects in several cities in Brazil and abroad, including the Amazon, Accra, Detroit, Helsinki, Vienna, Venice, Kiev, Valparaíso, among others. Throughout her career she collaborated with several musicians, such as Arto Lindsay (USA/BR), Gilberto Gil (BR), Panji Ano (Ghana), Fausto Fawcett (BR), Wanlov (Ghana), and recently released her first musical project (Homa). Her sound works were transmitted by radio stations such as Resonance FM (London), Kunstradio (Vienna) and Mirabilis (Rio de Janeiro). At Princeton University, she wrote the book “O que Faço é Música” [What I Do Is Music] (2012), published by 7Letras and awarded the Funarte Prize for Critical Production in Music in 2013.

Gustavo Von Ha acts through verisimilitude. In each work he incorporates a version of himself, materializing images that are often silenced or inaccessible in Brazilian artistic formation. This strategy problematizes the role of the artist nowadays. His production develops from investigations unfolding in several groups of works that operate within and without the art system, contaminating various platforms and circuits for image circulation such as the internet, movie theaters, libraries, video stores and street vendors. The artist is interested in issues outside the hegemonic narratives. His production is structured in a performative action that extends throughout the artist’s research period and is found on the boundaries between reality and fiction, art and market, public and private, authorial production and cultural industry within the contemporary art context.


4 pm – Chroma-key video workshop with artist Gustavo von Ha
7 pm – “Vivian & Gustavo”: exhibition of videos by artists Vivian Caccuri & Gustavo Von Ha + Conversation with the duo mediated by curator Victor Gorgulho

Inclusartiz Cultural Center – Rua Sacadura Cabral, 333, Gamboa – Rio de Janeiro.