30 de August de 2023

Inclusartiz Cultural Center Presents a Week of Activities Around Amazon Day

Programming, held in partnership with Amazônia de Pé Movement, takes place from September 5th to 10th

On September 5th, Amazon Day is celebrated, a date created with the main objective of raising awareness among the population about the importance of preserving the world’s largest tropical forest. In this context, the Inclusartiz Cultural Center has prepared the “Amazon Week,” in partnership with Amazônia de Pé Movement, featuring a series of activities that highlight the fundamental role that the forest and the people who inhabit it play on our planet.

The initiative is part of the permanent program “Amazon, Now” by the Instituto Inclusartiz Inclusartiz, which seeks to bring together and share perspectives that originate from the Amazon complex and its various stakeholders. The partnership between Inclusartiz and Amazônia de Pé started in June of this year when the institute’s headquarters became a signature collection point for the Amazon Uprising Law project, aiming to take it to the National Congress of Brazil. This popular initiative aims to protect the public forests of the Amazon and those who know best how to protect them: indigenous peoples, quilombolas, riverbank communities, small extractivist communities, and conservation units. The partnership was further solidified in August when the institution was one of the awardees of the 2023 Turnaround Action Grant, created by the movement to support partner organizations’ actions.

Amazon Week at Inclusartiz Cultural Center hosts a performance by the artistic collective Themônias / Photo: David Pacheco

The “Amazon Week” schedule, which takes place for free from September 5th to 10th, will include panel discussions with names like Diego Xavier, José Urutau Guajajara, Niara do Sol, Potira Krikati Guajajara, Rafael Bqueer, and Regina de Paula; ecological workshops; film screenings; a performance by the artistic collective Themônias; a musical presentation by Kaê Guajajara; and, of course, a joint effort to collect more signatures to support the Amazon Uprising Law project.

Check out the complete schedule:

09/05, Tuesday – Amazon Day

11:00 AM – Agroecological Workshop with the Providência Agroecológica project at EDI Antônio Raposo Tavares

6:00 PM – Panel Discussion “Cultural Spaces and Indigenous Cosmovisions,” with Niara do Sol and Diego Xavier – Moderated by: Fernando Porto

09/06, Wednesday

11:00 AM to 6:00 PM – Signature Collection Action for the Amazon Uprising Project in the Port Area.

09/08, Friday

Starting at 6:00 PM – Conversation with Regina de Paula, José Urutau Guajajara, and Potira Krikati Guajajara + Screening of short films “Teko Haw Brasil” and “José//Urutau//Guajajara: Ave Fantasma” – Moderated by: Victor Gorgulho and Henrique Rondinelli

Pocket show with Kaê Guajajara

09/09, Saturday

5:00 PM – Performance “Themônias” + Panel Discussion with artist Rafael Bqueer and screening of the film “Thêmonias” (2022) – Moderated by: Lucas Albuquerque

09/10, Sunday

11:00 AM – Ecological Workshop “Rebuilding Little Things” at the Ocupação Elma Social Project (Educational Program Paths to Gamboa), with Fernando Porto

The “Amazon, Now” Program

The “Amazon, Now” program is a multidisciplinary project that invites the public to engage with perspectives originating from the world’s largest tropical forest and its diverse stakeholders. Through the integration of productions and research rooted in the Amazon complex, the institute’s permanent project is divided into three axes: the exhibition axis, which includes a series of exhibitions, both collective and individual, showcasing narratives and research about artists and Amazon visual culture; the experimental axis, which consists of a program of studies, discussions, workshops, and audiovisual presentations titled Amazon Lab; and the research axis, which involves collaborations and residencies with other organizations, institutions, and artistic projects that foster exchanges between different voices.

As part of the exhibition axis, the exhibition “The Sacred in the Amazon” was opened on June 24th, a collective presentation that showcases various manifestations of the divine in the Amazon region through the eyes of 30 artists and collectives. Curated by Paulo Herkenhoff—a researcher who has been devoted to fostering artistic production in the North of Brazil and engaging in critical debates about the historical concept of “Amazon visuality” for over 40 years—and Lucas Albuquerque, curator of the Artistic Residence and Research Program at Inclusartiz, the exhibition occupies the ground floor of the cultural center until September 17th.

Amazon Uprising Movement

The Amazon Uprising Movement (Movimento Amazônia de Pé) is a national movement for the protection of the Amazon’s forests and peoples. Hundreds of organizations and thousands of activists are mobilized through networks, streets, and rivers from all regions of the country. More information at https://amazoniadepe.org.br/


Amazon Week
September 5th to 10th
Location: Inclusartiz Cultural Center (333 Sacadura Cabral St., Gamboa, Rio de Janeiro)
Free admission