23 de November de 2022

Inclusartiz Cultural Center extends visitation days during the week

With free admission, the space is now open to the public from Tuesday to Sunday

Opened in 2020 in the district of Gamboa, in the port area of Rio de Janeiro, Inclusartiz Cultural Center added two days of operation during the week. The space offers free admission, and is now open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 11 am to 6 pm. One of the main promoters of contemporary art in Brazil, Instituto Inclusartiz, the organization at the head of the cultural center, intends in this way to expand access to culture and art for the residents of its surrounding area and for the general public.

Inclusartiz Cultural Center is now open from Tuesday to Sunday / Photo: publicity

Currently, visitors can check out on its ground floor the exhibition “Por detrás da retina” (Behind the retina), which gathers works by 16 contemporary Brazilian artists who investigate, in different ways and through various media, the relationship between physical space and virtuality, while trying to establish new territories that go beyond the conventional ability of human vision. The group show, curated by Victor Gorgulho, presents an intergenerational approach, mixing the production of young artists, such as Laryssa Machada and Vitória Cribb, with renowned names in the circuit, such as Adriana Varejão and Bárbara Wagner.

Exhibition “Behind the retina” brings together works by 16 contemporary Brazilian artists / Photo: Thales Leite

The cultural center’s upper floor hosts the “Open Studio – studies in transit,” organized by the institute’s artistic residency program coordinator, Lucas Albuquerque. With the format of open studios as a starting point, the show displays works and ongoing research by nine artists, curators and researchers who have been or will be on the program this year: Brígida Campbell, Filomena Mairosse, Luisa Brandelli, Mariana Souza, Mkutaji Wa Nija, Moara Tupinambá, Nayara Jinknss, Patfudyda, and Paulete Lindacelva. The assemblage has a heterogeneous character, mixing works in video, photography, publications, schemes and unpublished research methodologies, or even artistic works that point to future research to be developed.

“Open Studio – studies in transit” exhibits works by the nine residents who passed through the institute in 2022 / Photo: Thales Leite

On the same floor, visitors can also know the works that make up the Club of the 25, a program for the acquisition of contemporary art works that was launched at ArtRio 2022. The project – whose title refers to the quarter of a century completed by the institute this year – aims at the annual selection of five prominent Brazilian artists from the national and international scene to develop unpublished, limited-run works created uniquely for the program. The first edition features works by Jota Mombaça, Marcela Cantuária, Maxwell Alexandre, Talles Lopes, and Vivian Caccuri – artists of different origins and research, but who include in their works a range of issues approached in contemporary Brazilian art, revisiting history through a critical stance in relation to the present.


Inclusartiz Cultural Center

Rua Sacadura Cabral, 333, Gamboa, Rio de Janeiro – RJ

Visitation: Tuesday to Sunday, from 11 am to 6 pm

Free admission