8 de February de 2023

Hal Wildson ends residency at Instituto Inclusartiz with collage workshop and open studio

The artist from Goiás will conduct on February 11 an activity aimed at children and teenagers, and also will welcome the public to an open studio with studies in development and works produced in January

To end his residency period at Instituto Inclusartiz, artist Hal Wildson will offer on February 11, at 2 pm, a collage workshop titled Bloquinho da Re-Utopya [Re-Utopya Bloc], aimed at children and pre-teens. Using fragments of images on paper, the artist will invite the public to create new pennants for a new Brazil, reimagining flags, coats of arms and banners.

“The coats of arms and flags are capable of symbolizing cities, countries, families, samba schools and are present in important Brazilian cultural manifestations, such as Carnival. These symbolic objects are made up of elements that can synthesize the projects and interests of a nation,” explains Wildson, whose work investigates memory, often having personal memories and archives as a starting point.

Re-Utopya Bloc collage workshop will be held this Saturday, February 11 / Foto: publicity

The use of coats of arms, flags and banners is frequent in his production, as well as the appropriation of other materials and documentation processes used in recent decades to officially record the country’s history, such as typing, fingerprints, identity cards and stamps.

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After the activity, Hal Wildson will also welcome visitors, starting at 4 pm, to an open studio on the second floor of Inclusartiz Cultural Center, which will feature studies in development and works produced during his residency.

The use of coats of arms, flags and banners is frequent in Wildson’s production, which ends residency at Inclusartiz this month / Photo: Thales Leite

The artist from Goiás was selected for the program through an unprecedented partnership between Inclusartiz and Arte Pará, which offered a scholarship to one participant of the 40th edition of the traditional art show in Pará to join the Inclusartiz Artist Residency and Research Program.


Collage workshop – Re-Utopya Bloc: 2 pm to 4 pm
Open studio with Hal Wildson: 4 pm to 8 pm
Inclusartiz Cultural Center – Rua Sacadura Cabral, 333, Gamboa – Rio de Janeiro