Christopher Page (b. 1984) was born and raised in London, UK. He attended Camberwell College of Art, Central St Martins, before received an MFA from the Yale School of Art in 2011.

Page’s focus is the complex interplay between the so-called ‘imaginary’ and ‘symbolic’ registers in architectural space. He now lives and works in Athens, Greece, so as to be embedded in the mass movement of people, and to think about this in view of a long history of dialectics between “east” and “west”.




By Chris Sharp

Playing on the anonymity of the hand, labor, light, the interior, issues of opacity, and support structures, Christopher Page has created a suite of quasi-site-specific paintings for Frances Reynolds’ residency in Rio de Janeiro.

For this group of works, Page has departed from the usual support of the canvas on a stretcher and is painting on surfaces specially devised from drywall mounted on metal studs which mimic the opaque, enclosed interior of the home.

The works themselves seeks to reflect and reveal the light of their environment, while hosting the shallow, trompe-l’oeil surfaces for which Page is known. In doing so, Page continues his interrogation of the fundaments of painting, such as the support, surface, opacity, illusion and depth, which he equates with the structure of the home, how it is fashioned by a myriad of anonymous and invisible gestures, and ultimately closed in.





Mais Informações

Yale School of Art: MFA, Painting, 2011

Central St Martin’s College of Art and Design: BA hons (1st), 2007 Camberwell College of Art and Design: Foundation Diploma, 200

Recent Exhibitions – SOLO

Hunter/Whitfield, Londres – 2015

Sushi Bar Gallery, Nova Iorque – 2014

Bespoke Solutions
Hannah Barry Gallery, Londres – 2012

Recent Exhibitions – GROUP

Amberwood House (Slate Projects), Londres – 2015

Screen Space
The Pickle Factory (Slate Projects), Londres – 2014

Tokyo in the Fall
Gerald Moore Gallery, Londres – 2014

Points of Contact
No Format Gallery, Londres – 2014

ART FAIRS (all with LAMB Arts):

Art BO, Bogotá 2015; The London Art Fair, Londres 2015;
Art Rio, Rio de Janeiro 2014;
START (Saatchi Gallery), Londres 2014;
Art ‘14, Londres 2014;
London Art Fair, Londres 2014.


Instituto Inclusartiz
Rio de Janeiro, March-April 2016.

Container Artist Residency 01
Athens -> New York, May 2016.

Recent Publications


Christopher Page, published by LAMB Arts, 2014


Screen Space
published by Slate Projects, 2014

Points of Contact
published by the curators, 2014

Recent Press

Review of Dawn in Aesthetica Magazine online (2015): http://www.aestheticamagazine.com/review-christopher-page-dawn-hunterwhit-eld/

AMBIT Magazine, Issue 219 (2015): “Painting As Critique” by Alex Meurice
The Capilano Review (2015): “The Hospitality of Ambivalence” by Orlando ReadePOSTmatter.com: “Screen Space” by Jonathan Openshaw (2014), http://postmatter. com/#/currents/screen-space-2


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