Collective exhibition

“Esplendores de Espanha – de El Greco à Velàzquez” was exhibited during the celebrations of the 500 years of Brazil’s discovery. The exhibition presented Spain during the 17th and 18th centuries when Portugal and Spain were united under the same crown forming the Iberian Union, when the Dutch took over Brazil. Bringing to Brazil for the first time 133 works of the collection of Prado Museum in Madrid, it allowed nearly 370,000 people to know the Spain of the “Golden Age”, which was marked by the artistic blooming, specially the fine arts. Result: Teaching material for 120 schools. 70,000 att endants to the Teaching Program 400,000 att endants to the exhibiti on. Exhibition: Esplendores de Espanha – de El Greco à Velazquez Period: 11 July to 24 September 2000 Location: Nati onal Museum of Fine Arts. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Organization: Arte Viva Foundati on