Sound Gardens – The Awake Night

Collective Exhibitions

Using public and exhibition spaces to develop events that join Art, spectacle and collective experience. The proposal of the “Sound Gardens” exhibitions is to display a dialog between urban nature and the sound art. Six contemporary artists present a site-specific work conceived for six gardens in the city of Madrid. The artists use very different strategies to create their works, such as the Second Life, semantics and semiotics, multi culture, and the marks of gender in language. We had the participation of artists such as José Iges and Concha Jerez, two references of sound art in the national art scene. O.R.G.I.A and Giardino Sonoro are two artist collective that create proposals focused on the sound and visual experience using new technologies to address the symbols and semantics of the space under intervention. The young artist Mario-Paul presents a real and virtual garden proposal via Second life, and Hong-Kai Wang transfers the Coney Island garden, in New York, to the 21st century urban European via sound and color-light. Exhibition: Sound Gardens ( The night in White) Period: September 22, 2007 Location: Astroc Foundati on, Palace of Zurbano, Ortega y Gasset Foundati on, Army Headquarters, Zurich Building and Royal Botanic Garden. Madrid, Spain. Organization: Government area for the arts. Madrid City Government and Arte Viva Europe Foundation. Sponsorship: Madrid City Government