Collective Exhibitions

“Resonances of Brazil” is a kind of stethoscope listening to the beats of a country, synthesized in six planes of expression: faith, thirst, freedom, celebration, idleness and dream. Gathered under the inspiration of music, these themes are the articulators of works of plastic arts, photography and films that bring a group of complementary visions of how these ideas exist within the Brazilian culture. A culture that constantly cannibalizes itself and especially the other. The other, which in the case of Brazil, is inside each one, because we all carry an unknown formula that mixes Africa, Europe, America and Asia. The border, in Brazil, passes within the body of each Brazilian. This frontier is brilliantly revealed in our music, which can bring many strands closer together in a harmonic result. And it is the music that serves as the starting point for a conceptual and sensory trip over Brazil. Exhibition: Ressonâncias do Brasil Cultural Production: Instituto Inclusartiz Location: Fundação Santillana – Espanha Period: July to September of 2002 Curatorship: Marcello Dantas