Support a resident

a Resident

As part of the initiatives to promote cultural projects promoted by Instituto Inclusartiz, we created the Support a Resident network, aimed at subsidizing participants in our residency program, which in 2022 has already received more than 530 entries from artists, curators and researchers from Brazil and Southern Africa.

This network aims to encourage the development of prominent artists who will benefit from the cultural exchange promoted by the program at our headquarters, in Rio de Janeiro, or at other partner institutions. Through a monthly contribution, an external collaborator will be able to finance the research and production period of a young artist, national or international.

During the support period, the supporter will have the opportunity to closely follow the beneficiary artist's residency. Through visits to the studio, presentations of private research and sharing of conversations between the artist and the institute associate curators, the program provides an immersion in the day-to-day research and artistic process of our residents.

At the end of the artist's time at the institute, the supporter will receive two unpublished works created during the residency: one limited to five copies, and the other limited to 60 copies, also sold at the Clube de Jovens Colecionadores (Young Collector Club). In addition, the supporter will have access to an exclusive presentation by the beneficiary resident, who will share the results of their research.

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