Maxwell Alexandre

Born in Rio de Janeiro in 1990 Maxwell Alexandre graduated in Design from PUC-RJ (Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro) in 2016 and participated in 2009 in the Photography Course for works registration of PAC (Growth Acceleration Program) in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro. The artist’s urban poetics consists of the construction of narratives and scenes structured from his daily experiences in the city and in Rocinha, where he lives and works. On different supports like canvases of Capri pools, doors and iron frames emerge anonymous personages in situations recurrent in the favela. They are large-format paintings in which the black bodies are presented in an empowered way, but also in moments of confrontation with the police, portraying a radically contemporary community routine. In september 2018 Maxwell will be part at the exhibition Recortes da Arte Brasileira at Art Berlin Faire. Also in 2018 Maxwell held his first solo exhibition, ‘The Baptism of Maxwell Alexandre’ and participated in the collective ‘Abre Alas 14’, both at the gallery A Gentil Carioca; in the same year he participated in the group exhibition ‘Histórias Afro-Atlânticas’ at MASP (Museum of Art of São Paulo). In 2017 he was part of the group exhibition ‘Carpintaria para todos’, at the Fortes D’Aloia & Gabriel gallery and in the same year he held the solo exhibition ‘Laje só existe com gente’ at Escola Surfe – Complexo Esportivo da Rocinha – RJ. One of his works integrates the collection of the Pinacoteca of São Paulo.

Maxwell Alexandre

Rio de Janeiro



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As part of his first travel abroad, Maxwell Alexandre would be exploring an immersive experience into a new culture and context during his residency at Delfina Foundation, dialoguing his own practice and understandings into the London environment.


2017 Graduação, Departamento de Artes & Design, PÙC-RJ


2017 Laje só existe com gente, Escola Surfe – Complexo Esportivo da Rocinha, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

2016 Universo Clandestino, Escola Surfe – Complexo Esportivo da Rocinha, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

2015 Exposição Cínica, PUC-Rio, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil


2017 Carpintaria para todos, Fortes D’Aloia & Gabriel

2016 Desenho como matriz fotográfica, Studio Line, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Descamada, Fábrica Bhering, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil


Pinacoteca de São Paulo


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