Born in 1974, Leslie Sardinias graduated from the National School of Fine Arts in Havana (1994), and from Parsons The New School for Design in New York (2000) with a Master’s degree in Design and Animation. After living in Europe for several years, Sardinias returned to New York, where he continues his investigative work in painting, animation, and design. He has participated extensively in both solo and group exhibitions, among the most notable being the VII Florence Biennial in 2001, where he received the Lorenzo de Medici Award. In 2012, Sardinias’ animated video Watching You was displayed on billboards in New York’s Times Square. The artist has been exhibited solo Aguas Malas his project focusing on painting and drawing at the 8TH Floor Museum in New York and most recently, La Comunidad at El Museo de Arte Colonial in Havana, Cuba, on the occasion of the 2015 Havana Biennial. His works are part of numerous important collections internationally, including the Spanish Royal Collection, the Alex Rosenberg Private Collection, and the collection of the Arte Viva Foundation. His work has been exhibited at the National Museum of Fine Arts in Havana, Cuba; the Angel Museum in Segovia, Spain; the Casa Lamm Collection in Mexico City, Mexico; the Deposito Bagagli Musei Vaticani in Rome, Italy; and the Shelley and Donald Rubin Private Collection

Compass Locator

September, 1, 2013

For Immediate Release

Frances Reynolds is proud to present new works by Leslie Sardinias during his residency in Rio de Janeiro at Instituto Inclusartiz. The series “Compass locator” discusses the pursuit of a goal, and how the search is frequently more important than the result. When in searching we focus on the result, we often ignore what is already around us. Sardinias employs different materials in many layers to give richness to the works. The layering mimics the structure of human memory, the fragility of which leads to forgetting, to deleting the unnecessary, to the reduction to the minimal and the concrete. In this sense, they represent the end of the memory forming process, in which you can see only fragments of the original within the final result.

In this series, the target is surrounded by a universe composed of maps, places, things, people, and emotions. These points form a cosmos of possible world, where you can abstractly obtain what you want, but never the intended, specific result. Consequently, the titles are only reference points to the quest: “Compass locator, Rio do Janeiro,” or “Compass locator, sad days.” The construction of the works is structured with an astrolabe, a tool historically employed by astronomers and sailors, as well as with laser compasses, like those used in modern marine settings. These compositions are heavily informed by the symbolic meanings of the primary colors, with hue deriving from both emotion and location. Sadness is conveyed in blue tones, while Rio de Janeiro is represented by green, blue, and yellow. Color amplifies the emotion of the message. The organic forms of the works are influenced by Paul Klee and Malevich; musicians Shostakovich, Philip Glass, Camille Saint-Sans, and Sigur Ros; designer Isamu Noguchi; architects Zaha Hadid and Calatrava; and dancer Martha Graham.

Leslie Sardinias was born in Havana, Cuba in 1977 and was raised in Madrid. He received his MA in 2000 in Design and Animationfrom Parsons School of Art in New York where he currently lives and works. He received his BFA from the National Academy of Plastic Arts in Havana,

Cuba. He has exhibited at the Times Square Alliance during Frieze NY 2012, and Palacio del Conde de Lombillo and Galeria Origenes during the Havana Biennal in 2006 in addition to showing in galleries internationally. His work is in the following collections: the Fundacion ArtNexus, Casa Lamm, Museo de las Americas in Puerto Rico, the Opus Havana Collection and ArteViva Foundation among others. His work will be available at Johannes Vogt Gallery at Booth E7 during Art Rio 2013.

For further details and/or to schedule studio visits please contact:

Maria Garcia-Luben Iban Mariaglubeni@gmail.com or Adriana Farietta @adriana@adrianafarietta.com




Mais Informações

More information about the artist:

Born 1977, Havana
Lives and works in New York



Cocoon, Special art installation at the Artist’s home, 99 McDougal, New York


American Rhapsody Ballet, stage design for the New York City Ballet Company, Spring Gala, New York


La Comunidad, Museo de Arte Colonial de La Habana, XII Havana Biennial, Cuba


Aguas Malas, The 8th FLOOR  – The Shelley and Donald Rubin Foundation, New York


          Compass Locator – Miami, Alexander Gorlin Space, Miami, FL

Compass Locator – Rio, Ms. Reynolds de Marinho Residency (supported by The Arte Viva Foundation), Rio de Janeiro


Watching You, sponsored by Times Square Alliance & Times Square Arts and in partnership with the Rockefellers Brothers Foundation and the Cuban Artist Foundation, Times Square, New York, US


Wonderland, Galeria Sin Sitio at the Lara Theater, Madrid

Wonderland 2, Fizz Gallery Mexico D.F.


Leslie Sardinias, Florence Biennial, Florence, Italy

Over The Marsh, Museo de Los Angeles, Segovia, Spain

Something Expectation, a concurrent exhibition with the IX Havana Biennial,

Palacio del Conde de Lombillo, Havana

Castaway, Galeria Servando Cabrera, 27 Festival Internacional del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano, Havana, Cuba
Traveling (sketches and book presentation), Panta Rhei, Madrid


One, Casa Lamm Cultural Center, D.F., Mexico

Harvesting Memories, Pilar Mulet gallery (El Coleccionista), Madrid


Leslie Sardinias in collaboration with La Oficina del Historiador (Havana) for the II Contemporary Arts Biennial, Florence, Italy

Words of Silence, Galería La Acacia, Havana, Cuba


Classen Papier, Ubereci Club gallery. Hamburg, Germany
On the Walls, Pavilion of the Republic of Cuba, Hanover World Fair, Hanover, Germany


Carousel, Las Americas Museum of Fine Arts, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Fragments, City Museum, Havana


Portraits of the Path, Habana gallery, Havana
Erratic Memories II, Conttas Gallery, Amsterdam

Erratic Memories, 23 y 12 gallery, Havana


The Infinite Caravan, Casa Museo José Lezama Lima, Havana


Mechanical Senses, concurrent exhibition with the XV International Havana Ballet Festival, Avellaneda Hall, National Theater of Cuba, Havana



Missoni x Kreëmart: Il Salotto “Angela Missoni”, Missoni Flagship Store, New York


            IRAN X CUBA, Beyond The Headline, Rogue Space Chelsea, New York


Anonimo The M Building, collateral event to the Art Basel Miami Beach Art Fair, Miami

22nd Annual Watermill Center Summer Benefit, The Watermill Center, New York


Profil Perdu curated by Karen Huber, MC Gallery, New York


ART RIO 13 Art Fair, Vogt gallery, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


7th ZONA Maco Art Fair, Fizz gallery, D.F., Mexico


5 Years With Panta Rhei, Moleskine Project, Panta Rhei, Madrid
NowContemporary Cuban Art, Castellana Subastas, Madrid


Contemporary Cuban Art in the Covers of the Opus Havana magazine, Casa Lamm, D.F., Mexico
Leslie Sardinias Lorenzo de Medici Awards, collateral to the V Florence Biennial, Florence


Marci Gaymu gallery Visual Arts Fair, Toulouse, France
Pilar Mulet gallery (El Coleccionista), Madrid
Marci Gaymu gallery, ART Paris, France


Angels Museum in Rome, St. Augustine Basilica, Vatican City, Rome

Pilar Mulet gallery (El Coleccionista), Madrid

ARCO, La Acacia gallery, Madrid


Visions, Illustrations around The Virgin of Charity, The Americas Museum, San Juan, Puerto Rico
International Contemporary Art Exhibition, Hamburg, Germany

Angels (Angel Museum), Saint Francis of Assisi Religious Museum, Havana


De Valiga en Cuba, Deposit Bagagli Museum, Piazzoni Palace, Victorio Venetto, Treviso, Italy
The Harmony of the UniverseContemporary Cuban Painting, Clemento and Martiquello Cultural Association, Martinique, France

Mirror Happenings, Museum of Fine Arts, Havana, Cuba
Poetry and Word, Saint Francis of Assisi Religious Museum, Havana, Cuba
De Valiga en Cuba, Plastic Arts and Design Provincial Center, Havana, Cuba
Participation in the Hanover World Fair, Germany sponsored by the Cuban Pavilion and the Cuban Embassy, with the occasion of the National Culture Day (October 20th), Hanover, Germany


Young Cuban Contemporary Art, International Art Fair, Expo-Canaria ‘99, Las Palmas, Grand Canary Island, Spain
Postal Art in the New Millennium, Philatelic Museum, Oxaca, Mexico

Aqua Mater, Caldas de Reis City Hall Gallery, Pontevedra, Spain


Collateral exhibition to the VI Havana Biennial, Galería Orígenes, Havana, Cuba

Exhibition on account of the 160th anniversary of the Grand Theater of Havana, Galeria Imago, Havana, Cuba


Birthday Centenary of Amelia Pelaez Exhibition, Galeria Imago, Havana, Cuba


First International Plastic Art Fair, Mexico D.F., Mexico
End of the Century Conversations, Sala Vedado, Hotel Nacional, Havana, Cuba
A la Carte, Galeria Habana, Havana, Cuba
International Postal Art Collection, Museum of Fine Arts, Havana, Cuba


Run for Your Life, Galería Habana, Havana, Cuba


Museo de Los Angeles, Segovia, Spain
Museo de la Danza, Havana, Cuba
Museo de las Americas. San Juan, Puerto Rico
Museo Filatelico de Oxaca, Oxaca,Mexico
Deposit Bagagli Museum, Piazzoni Palace, Victorio Venetto, Previso, Italy

Museo del Agua, Oficina del Historiador, Havana, Cuba
Casa Lamm Collection, Mexico D.F., Mexico
Coleccion Opus Havana, Palacio del Conde de Lombillo, Havana. Cuba

Coleccion de la Familia Real de España, Spain
Coleccion Melia Cohiba, Havana, Cuba
Alexander Rosenberg Colection. U.S
Frances Reynolds collection, Arte-Viva Foundation, Brasil, U.K. and Spain

Celia Birbrhager Collection, Fundacion ArtNexus, Miami, U.S.



Watching You (special project sponsored by Times Square Alliance + Times Square Arts in partnership with the Rockefellers Brothers Foundation and the Cuban Artist Foundation) Times Square, New York, US



Imagenes del Desvio by Andres Isaac Santana


En las Religiones del Dios Pan by Carlos Miguel Gonzalez (Front cover design)

La Gaceta de Cuba, # 6/95, 2/96 and 2/98, Havana, Cuba

Revolución y Cultura, #5/98, Havana, Cuba

Opus Habana, # 3/99, Cuba

The Other Man, by Renato Prada Oropesa

The Mammoth, by Gonzalo García


Opus Habana, Cuba, #4/01(Front cover design)



Parsons School of Art MA in Design and Animation


National Academy of Plastic Arts, Havana, Cuba



Watching You screening project, Times Square Alliance + Times Square Arts, New York U.S.


Man of Achievement award by The American Biographical Institute, signed by President J.M. Evans, Washington D.C.


Grand Prix Lorenzo de’ Medici (Il Magnifico), III Florence Biennial, Florence


The Parents was handed to Their Majesties the King and Queen of Spain by the Spanish Ambassador in Cuba, Mr. Eduardo Junco Bonet, on their visit to Havana during the Latin American Presidents Summit


Sibyl of Cumas Selected as the cover of a compact disc, homage to the Cuban musician Harold Gramatges, after receiving the Latin American Contemporary Music Award “Tomas Luis de Victoria”


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