Over the last years, Obrist has recorded more than 1,400 hours of interviews around the world with artists, filmmakers, musicians, scientists, architects and philosophers about their ideas, proposals and reflections on subjects from the most diverse fields of knowledge. It is a sort of general curatorial, in which Obrist walks, notes, suggests and interacts.

Considered one of the most influential art curators in the world today, Hans Ulrich Obrist is currently the Artistic Director of the Serpentine Gallery. He has worked for twenty years as an independent curator and curator of the Museum of Modern Art in Paris. He has organized more than 150 international shows. From a very young age, Obrist interviews artists and thinkers in various areas.

Hans Ulrich Obrist comes to Brazil to create a new interview book

The Swiss curator will give a lecture open to the public in Parque Lage, on the 28th of September

Following an invitation of the Instituto Inclusartiz, the Swiss curator Hans Ulrich Obrist arrives in Brazil on August 27 to record a series of interviews with Brazilian artists about creativity, imagination and contemporary art. The talks will then be organized and edited in the book Hans Ulrich Obrist Intervistas Brasileiras, which will be published by Editora Cobogó in 2018.

There will be four days of talks, in Rio and in São Paulo, about one hour with each of the artists invited by the curator himself. Among them are Iole de Freitas, Ruy Guerra and Laura Lima. Some of these interviews will be done in the studio of these artists, as in the case of Adriana Varejão, Artur Barrio and Waltercio Caldas.

On Monday 28th of August, after a session of interviews with the artists, the curator will give a lecture open to the public at 7pm at the Visual Arts School of Parque Lage, Jardim Botânico, Rio. Then, he travels to São Paulo, where he will have another series of meetings, then return to London.

(Text by Giulia Zelesco / Editora Cobogó)





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