Ana Lira

Ana Lira (1977)
(Caruaru – Pernambuco – Brazil)

The situations that I try to experience go through three pillars: how living can be a political act, the collective experiences as mediation processes and the development of work-project instead of work-object. In this sense, I engage with projects that are carried out via partnerships and collective creations that observe the leads and articulations of the relations of power that affect our daily life and how we produce knowledge in the world.

I experience these processes by prospecting, arranging and preparing strategies of mediation and communication. Image, in its varied shapes, the publications, urban interventions, training actions and the interchange experiences with whom one is looking for parallel alternatives are inserted in this path.

The photography and visual art projects that I have developed, such as Voto!, Não-Dito, Mandalla and Terrane and formative projects Entre-Frestas and Cidades Visuais are part of this cycle.

Ana Lira




Mais Informações

Photographer and visual artist that lives and works in Recife, Brazil.
Her works lean over relations of power and implications in the dynamics of communications. She’s an expert in Culture Theory and Critique.

She has worked in independent researches, curatorship, and educational projects jointly with visual projects.

She’s been in more than seven groups in two decades. She’s conducted the
educational projects Cidades Visuais, Entre-Frestras and Circuitos Possíveis. She was awarded with the Funarte Arte Contemporânea 2015 award for th exhibition Não-Dito.

She showed in the exhibitions Narrativas em Processo: Livros de Artista in the Coleção Itaú Cultural (Recife, MAMAM, 2019); Livro Livre (Arles, France, 2019); Manjar: para habitar liberdades (Rio de Janeiro, Solar dos Abacaxis, 2019); 36th Brazilian Art Panorama (São Paulo, MAM, 2019); À Nordeste (Sesc 24 de Maio, São Paulo, 2019); Entremoveres (Museu da Abolição, Recife, 2019), Não-Dito (CAL, Brasília, 2019; CCBEU, Prêmio Funarte de Arte Contemporânea, Belém, 2017; CCI, Recife, 2015);
Os da Minha Rua (MAB, Recife, 2018), Atos de Mover (Capibaribe Gallery, Recife, 2018); Arte Democracia Utopia (MAR, Rio de Janeiro, 2018-2019) with the group Amò; Realidades da Imagem Histórias da Representação (9th Contemporary Daily Award of Photography – Pará State Museum, Belém, 2018); As Bandeiras da Revolução: Pernambuco 1817-2017 (Massangana Gallery, Política da Arte, Fundaj, Recife, 2017),
Agora Somos Todxs Negrxs (VideoBrasil, São Paulo, 2017), Antilogias: o fotográfico na Pinacoteca (Pina, São Paulo, 2017); in the collective action Aparelhamento (São Paulo – 2016); in the collective show Fotos Contam Fatos (Vermelho Gallery, São Paulo – 2015/2016); in the 31st International Art Biennal of São Paulo (São Paulo, 2014) and in the itinerant movements of the Palácio das Artes, Belo Horizonte – 2015 /
Serralves Museum, Porto, Portugal, 2015/2016); in the program Raízes e Asas (SESC VITRINE, Sesc Santana, São Paulo, 2015); in the collective show Slides (Feira Plana, São Paulo, 2016); in the International Festival of Photography of Porto Alegre (Fest Foto Poa, Margs, 2015); in the Marés show (Sesc Sergipe, Aracaju, 2013 Trotamundos Coletivo); and in the collective Linguagens 2008 (Pernambuco State Museum, Recife,

She took part in the residence programs of Delfina Foundation/Incluzartis Institute, in London (2019); Arte e Ativismo na América Latina, partnership of Despina with the Dutch organization Prince Claus Fund, in Rio de Janeiro (2018); São Jerônimo Residence arranged by the artist Alexandre Sequeira, in Belém/PA, in order to connect projects that debate permanence, impermanence, memory, affection and city. The project focused on the experience of Voto|Não-Dito in the collective memory
(2016/2017); and the residence program promoted by the artist Eustáquio Neves, in Diamantina/MG, with guidance of the Terrane Project, in ENA (2017).

She produced the books Mandalla (Artist book, Retratografia, 2019), exhibited in the 36th Brazilian Art Panorama, in 2019; Voto, published by the independent publisher Pingado Prés e Terrane (Recife, Retratografia, 2018 – project prepared in a dialog with Cláudia Oliveira, Lourdes da Silva and Luzia Simões and printed in book of artist and digital photozine).

She published in the series Pretexto, of Tenda de Livros; in the collection Outras Fotografias na Arte Brasileira 21st Century, of Editora Cobogó; in the Jornal de Borda (Issues 02 and 03), of Ediciones Costeñas/Tenda de Livros; Ateliê Publique-se V.5, by Livrinho de Papel Finíssimo; and Linguagens 2008. She took part in the collective films [projetotorresgemeas] and Eleições: crisis of representation.

Project in Rio

In Rio I will develop one stage of CHAMA project that consists of tracking music, poetry and Afro-Brazilian diaspora celebrations. I wish to understand how this takes place in Rio de Janeiro from peculiarities that the diaspora carries out in the city. My goal is to follow up, photograph and produce issues of the radio show that I’ve designed for the project.

In terms of diasporic music and celebrations, in addition to the music research that I’ve been carrying out, I also have a partnership with the visual/sound/DJ Marta Supernova, who is from Rio de Janeiro, and we also invited the DJ Suelen Mesmo, of Coletivo Turmalina, from Porto Alegre, to begin a creative dialog for this stage of the project.

I’ve also had a partnership with the Sudanese poetess Ola Elhassan, rooted in London. We have jointly developed a sound installation with our poems and for such I have tried to track and study the processes of poetic performance and voice. This is going to be one of the actions that I will also dedicate to in Rio.

Finally, we are going to conduct the workshop Reverbe, in order to share among the participants the methodologies of construction, articulation and circulation of cultural production in contexts in which the links among base-materialization of a cultural process have not been interrupted by the logic of objectification of artistic experiences.

The workshop will provide activities of experimentation, tracking of connection strategies and an open studio for sharing of means of collective circulation, such as online radio production, independent publications, strengthening of independent spaces and study-celebration processes.


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