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Inaugurating the partnership of Instituto Inclusartiz, Territoire Sensible and INC-Photography, ten Brazilian photographers – André Cunha, Bernardo Dorf, Leonardo Jucá, Lucas Pacífico, Marcelo Hein, Márcio Távora, Monica Paes, and Paola Vianna, in addition to Helena Rios and Marcelo Greco, who are also coordinators of project Territoire Sensible in Brazil – will participate in January 2018 of the artistic residency entitled “Mudança de biótopo e outra perspectiva” (“A change of biotype and another perspective”), in the region of Provence, France, directed by Pierre Devin and with the participation of Bernard Plossu.



Marcelo Greco (São Paulo, SP, Brazil, 1966) has been working as a photographer since 1997. He develops courses and workshops of personal photography at the Museu de Arte Moderna of São Paulo (MAM). He guides photographers in the development of personal projects. He also coordinates and edits the work of several photographers for exhibitions at national and international events. He was the General Curator of Paraty em Foco 2008 Photography Festival. He held national exhibitions at institutions such as Pinacoteca do Estado – SP, Museu da Imagem e do Som – SP, Centro Cultural São Paulo Caixa Cultural – SP, Museu da Imagem e do Som – Santos. He also held international exhibitions at the institutions Tropenmuseum (The Netherlands), Leica Gallery Solms (Germany), Leica Gallery Frankfurt (Germany). He published the following books: Brasília – Coleção Passaporte, Tempos Misturados, Internal Affair and Sombras Secas – all by Schoeler Editions – and A Sombra da Dúvida – by Sensible édition.



André Cunha has an undergraduate degree in Industrial Design and a graduation degree in Fine Arts. He was born in Niterói/RJ in 1971.
With his photographic production, he was one of the selected participants in the event “Caravana Magnum, 70 anos” that took place in the Photography Festival in Tiradentes and Rio de Janeiro managed by the international iconic agency Magnum Photos.
Among his activities as an author, the exhibition at Galeria Espaço 1338 in São Paulo stands out. He was also awarded with the Honorable Mention in the Brazil Photography Award 2017.
He is currently represented by Galeria Utópica (former Faas). He will have his solo exhibition in April/2018 and will also attend the IPAD 2018. He is completing the edition of his first book, “Santuário” (to be released in March as well), with the curators Monica Paes, Marcelo Greco and Helena Rios.



Helena Rios (São Paulo, SP, Brazil, 1982) has an undergraduate degree in Architecture and Urbanism at FAU USP in 2007 and, since then, she has been working as afreelancephotographer, developing her artistic work with photography, drawing and watercolor painting. She has attended exhibitions, exchange programs and artistic residencies. She has independently published the following books:Contraviento (2011), Espelho (2012), Margens, Grezen (2015), Revoada (2016).



Márcio Távora, had his first contact with photography in a basic photography course he attended in São Paulo, 1998. He studied 2 years at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, specializing in fine art photography. He was born in Fortaleza, CE.
Then he completed the course at Senac College of Communication and Arts in São Paulo, where he graduated as a Bachelor in Photography. He has been attending a study group with the photographer Marcelo Greco Since 2010, and regularly exhibits his work in galleries and institutions such as Sesc, Itaú Cultural and Casa das Rosas.
In 2013 he launched the book “Livro de Visitas”, a collection of interiors of old hotels.
For a few years, he has attended study groups of authorial photography in search of personal growth through his photography.



Monica Paes, has a undergraduate degree in Psychology and Law. She was born in São Paulo, in 1975 She currently works in an entertainment company, having her professional activity focused on numbers and contracts. His contact with arts was strengthened in the last 10 years, making her start studying photography on her own. As time passed, she felt the need to exchange experiences and started taking some courses at: MAM-SP, MOMA “Seeing Through Photographs”, MUBE, CEI (Centro de Estudos Madalena). About 5 years ago, she started his photography project.
About 2 years ago she was invited by the photographer André Cunha to act as her curator in the “Santuário” project, which in 2018 will have her first solo exhibition, the launch of her book, and her attendance in a project along with her gallery at AIPAD – 2018.



Marcelo Hein, has an undergraduate degree in Technical Photography at Escola Panamericana. A profession he has been practicing for 10 years. He was born in 1986 in São Paulo, but 4 years ago he left the commercial photography behind to dedicate himself to images as a maturation of his relationship with environments and daydreams with matter.



Leco Jucá, Leco Jucá has an undergraduate degree in Journalism at Uninorte University, but is mainly engaged in personal and artistic photography. He was born in (Manaus, AM, in 1975), but he is based in Ceará. The photographer has already attended some collective invitations.



Lucas B. Pacífico has an undergraduate degree in Publicity and Advertising at Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado / 2007. He was born in São Paulo in 1984, and currently works with creative and art direction in the filed of communications.
He has been developing his personal and poetic photography work since 2013 in books under the guidance of Marcelo Greco, such as the projects “Em cada (íntima) cor e Ode”.



Paola Vianna, has an undergraduate degree in Advertising and Propaganda since 2006 at Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP). She was born in São Paulo in 1983.
She has been working with photography since 2005, having written texts for magazines, and worked in fashion studios and advertising agencies. Advertising photography is still her major source of income. She has had a photographic studio inside an agency for 10 years.
For a few years, she has attended study groups of personal photography in search of personal growth through her photography.



Bernardo Dorf, has a undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering at Mauá Engineering School. He was born in São Paulo, in 1953. He has a graduate degree in Photography at Senac/2010.
Has held some exhibitions over the past few years, being his solo, Purple Rain, in 2015 – Galleria Sancovsky, and his collective ones in 2015: Distancias Sutis – Casa das Rosas, SP; Identidade – Estúdio Távora, SP, 2013: Mural SP, 4th SP Photography Exhibition – Espaço Ophicina, SP; 2013 – Garagem Ocupada SP; 2012: Formas Curiosas de Respirar – Espaço Contraponto, SP and 2011: Labirintos – Espaço Ophicina, SP.
Publications: Plantel Renovado 2015 ; Purple Rain 2015; Zero to Infinite 2011,
Collaborator publications: Identidade, #1 Liris Magazine


Territoire Sensible – Sensitive Territory – is a space of freedom and a tool for action and reflection. Directed by Pierre Devin, it is the fruit of the initiative of a group of initially formed by Brazilian and French photographers. In Brazil, Territoire Sensible is represented by Helena Rios and Marcelo Greco. The project is focused on the inquiries brought by a world at full change. Photography is the core of the project, however it does not exclude any opening to the visual arts, literature, sociology, history, etc.