Beatriz Milhazes

Her paintings show how much she demands of herself and reflect her relentless effort and search for so many worlds of perfectionism. Absorbed in the world of her studio in Rio de Janeiro, where she captures the wonderful energy of quiet and harmony emanating from the neighboring Botanical Gardens, she works incessantly on her shapes, her colors, her many surfaces, revealing Brazil’s history, the power and multiplicity of its culture; the wonderful essence of the citizens of Rio de Janeiro-so full of sensuality, music, light, and love of life. Looking at one of her paintings, we realize how strong Beatriz is as an artist, with a personality that involves every line, every circle, every flower, every color, every shape. Exhibition: Beatriz Milhazes – Mares do Sul Cultural Production: Instituto Inclusartiz Location: CCBB Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil – Rio de Janeiro Period: October of 2002 to January of 2003 Curatorship: Adriano Pedrosa