Provence winter

Collective Exhibitions

PROVENCE IN WINTER André Cunha, Bernardo Dorf, Leco Jucá, Lucas Pacífico, Marcelo Hein, Márcio Távora, Monica Paes and Paola Vianna, in addition to the project coordinators Helena Rios and Marcelo Greco, present the photographic exhibition “Provence en hiver / Provence in winter” Lombardi Gallery, in São Paulo, in September 2018. The exhibited works are the result of the artistic residency “Change of biotope and other perspective”, carried out between the months of January and February of 2018, in the region of Provence, southern France. The residence, action of Territoire Sensible, had the partnership of INC_Photography and was supported by the Instituto Inclusartiz. Exhibition: Provence in winter Location: Lombardi Gallery SP Period: September 12 to October 27, 2018 Support: Instituto Inclusartiz