Collective Exhibitions

One of the most relevant sports events is the America’s Cup, a competition that takes place since 1851 and that in its last edition, the 32nd, had the participation of countries from the five continents. A set of visual arts was created by 15 artists of different disciplines and countries specially for this occasion. A group of contemporary works of art dealing with the conceptual corpus and the imagery typical of the sea sport and the iconic universe where it unfolds (the items themselves, the water, the speed, the accuracy, the teamworking, etc.). Artists: Kcho, dEmo, Paul Schütze, Marina Núñez, Adriana Varejão, Jose Manuel Ballester, Martín Chirino, Miquel Navarro, Carmen Calvo, Bernardí Roig, Jorge Pineda, Eugenio Ampudia, Alberto Corazón and Esther Pizarro. Exhibition: Ojos de Mar Period: 18 May to 8 July 2007 Location: Valenciano Institute of Modern Art, IVAM. Valencia, Spain Organization: Arte Viva Europe Foundation