SÉC XVIII – Espanha o sonho da razão

Organizing an exhibition about Spain during a period as extremely suggestive as the eighteenth century, conscious from the first moment it was intended for the Brazilian public, was a unique challenge. Firstly, the responsibility to decide the most appropriate formula to present the image of eighteenth-century Spain; then to avoid, as far as possible, the danger of stereotypes, which are so strongly rooted by the simplification often followed by better-intentioned syntheses; and finally to find a balance between the conceptual discourse of the exhibition and the selection of the pieces that act as visual support and that should allow the visitor an easy and attractive understanding.

Exhibition: Séc XVIII – Espanha o sonho da razão
Cultural Production: Instituto Inclusartiz
Location: Museu Nacional de Belas Artes – Rio de Janeiro
Period: July to August of 2002
Curatorship: Maria Concepción García Saíz